Extra publications

De medailles uitgereikt ter gelegenheid van de tentoonstellingen der producten van de Belgische Nijverheid
Medals of the exhibitions of the Belgian Industry
Werner Van Brempt & Jeannine Jacobs – 1999-2000-2001 (exhausted)

Medaille der Koepokinentingen
Medal of the Cow-pox vaccinations
Werner Van Brempt - 2004 (exhausted)

De Hazenorde 1832-1914-1940
The Order of the Hare 1832-1914-1940
Werner Van Brempt – Jeannine Jacobs – Marcel Nuijttens  – 2005

De eervolle onderscheidingen der Belgische Bisdommen
The honorary distinctions of the Belgian Dioceses
Jeannine Jacobs & Werner Van Brempt - 2006

The Order of the Hare 1831 (bilingual Dutch-French)
Col. SBH Eric Tripnaux – 2013 

The volunteers of 1830 cross (bilingual Dutch-French) *
Werner Van Brempt - 2015

* These publications can be ordered through email and can be collected on our meetings. They can be sent on your expense and risk.

MEDEC Magazine

Five times each year, in February, April, June, September and November

General practical announcements about Medec
Contributions about phaleristics or numismatics
These contributions are published in Dutch or French, according to the author. Usually with a summary in the other language of our society.

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