ORDER OF THE HARE – supplement to the 2005 file
Colonel SBH Eric Tripnaux has made a supplement to this file after the discovery of a medal which mentioned the year 1831. This supplement is bilingual and consists of loose sheets, easy to add to the 2005 file.
PRICE: € 12
Furthermore, the file will be reissued, with the supplement, in a clamp.
PRICE: € 37
Please make payment in advance. Once the order is made, the supplement or the entire file can be collected on one of our meetings.

I'm looking for "LIVRE D'OR des titulaires de la médaille du Prisonnier Politique 1914-1918"
Maison d'éditions J. ROZEZ, Rue Royale 262, Bruxelles.
If you have a copy for sale, please mail Jeannine Jacobs.

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